Welcome Mira Ceramic Hot Tube Hair Brushes

Welcome Mira Ceramic Hot Tube Hair Brushes!

i-glamour welcomes the new Mira Ceramic Hot Thermal Hot Tube Hair Brushes with open arms! Exceptional Italian made quality combined with advanced technology. Mira hair brushes have been loved and adored by Australian hairdressers for years!

Mira Ceramic Hot Tube Hair Brushes

The barrels of the brushes are coated in ceramic, which diffuses heat from a hair dryer rapidly, evenly heating the surface of the brush while shortening overall drying time, even at lower temperatures. The ceramic barrels heat consistently ensuring no damaged hot spots which may harm hair structure.

Ideal for creating a shiny and smooth finish super fast. Ideal for all hair types, Mira Ceramic Hot Thermal Hot Tube Brushes can be used to create volume and movement, as well as straight and smooth. With a comfortable cushion grip and a light weight, Mira  Brushes never become tiring or cumbersome.

Available in the following barrel sizes:

Mira represents exceptional Italian quality. Created for day in and day out salon use, Mira brushes are built to last a lifetime. It’s no wonder Mira is among the leading manufacturers of hair brushes worldwide!

i-glamour is the Authorised Australian Importer of Mira Hair Brushes

Mira hair brushes are guaranteed as to origin and quality by the manufacturer when purchased from i-glamour.com as we are the authorized Australian importer. When you purchase from i-glamour you will always be assured of…

  • Purchasing directly from an Australian authorized stockist
  • Authentic products from the authentic manufacturer – no fakes here!
  • Easy and stress-free service
  • Careful packing and shipping of your purchase
  • Fast and efficient delivery
  • Customer service
  • Prices always at recommended retail price or less. We don’t inflate our RRPs to make our discounts look bigger!

Shop the complete Mira hair brush range right here at i-glamour.

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