If it is Good Enough for Kendall Jenner, it is Good Enough for Us

If it is Good Enough for Kendall Jenner, it is Good Enough for Us

The i-glamour peeps were super excited to find out Kendall Jenner is head over heels in love with The Wet Brush. Here at i-glamour HQ, we’ve been raving about the brilliance of this brush for a fair while now and finally it’s getting the celeb cred it deserves.

Kenndall Jenner Loves The Wet Brush

“Kinda obsessed with my new @thewetbrush! Def a hair care must have! #youneedthisbrush #besthairbrushever #wetbrush #hair

Why is this brush so freakin’ amazing? It’s all in the bristles. Those super flexible, back-breakingly bendable bristles called Intelliflex bristles. These magic bristles flex and bend when faced with tough knots and tangles, so they gently knead tangles out rather than tugging, pulling and using brute force. End result: no nasty split ends and breakages which stall our hair growing progress!

The Wet Brush - The Original

To see for yourself why The Wet Brush is Kendall Jenner’s newest hair obsession, check out The Wet Brush range of hair brushes here.  Also don’t forget to follow us on Instagram @iglamour_aus for updates on all the latest hair products.

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