Body Up Pro: The Hair Brush System as Easy as Pushing a Button!

step6_Body Up Pro Hair Brush SystemThe original revolutionary Body Up Pro Brush System features a brilliant push button system to make blow-drying a breeze. It’s simple. Press the button which releases the barrel of the brush from the handle. Clip the brush head into the hair and then attach a new brush head to the handle. It’s like hot rollers and a round brush in one tool!

The amazing detachable handle makes styling so much faster. No more balancing acts with multiple brushes. No fiddly hot rollers. Instead, the push button release system allows extreme volume to be added to the hair easily and quickly.

The Body Up Pro Brush System features tourmaline and ionic technology to retain heat better than ordinary brushes, cutting styling time in half. Heat is distributed more evenly to allow for sustep 8_Body Up Pro Hair Brush Systemperior styling. Hair is left smooth and shiny, while retaining moisture. Each Body Up Pro brush head contains a mixture of boar and nylon bristles to create natural shine and lustre for that ultimate polished look.

The Body Up Pro Brush System includes a range of 6 brilliant items: the Body Up Pro Introductory Kit, Detachable Round Brush Head Kits in Small, Medium and Large, Display Tray and Handle. The Body Up Pro Brush System Introductory Kit is a must have. The kit features 6 medium brush heads (57mm), 6 butterfly clips, 1 detachable handle and the non-slip display tray. The Detachable Round Brush Head Kits in Small (50mm barrel), Medium (57mm) and Large (70mm) are available in 3 packs with 3 butterfly clips. Mix and match with the Body Up Pro Handle to suit your hair needs, or choose the Introductory Kit as an all-in-one. There’s also the display tray to ensure your styling area remains neat, while facilitating even easier detachment and attachment of brush heads.

Get the Body Up Pro advantage with this original, revolutionary brush system!

For a step-by-guide on how to use the Body Up Pro Hair Brush System check out our “How to Rock the Hot Roller Look Using Hair Brushes” post in the How-To section.


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