BeautyPRO: Used Daily in Professional Beauty Salons Across Australia

BeautyPRO: Used Daily in Professional Beauty Salons Across Australia

BeautyPRO is the brand of choice for professional makeup artists and beauticians! BeautyPRO products are used daily in professional salons across Australia and New Zealand. All beauty needs are catered to by BeautyPRO, including waxes, wax heaters, wax accessories, sponges, makeup brushes, tweezers and nippers. Professional results at an affordable price!

Wax Heaters, Waxes and Waxing AccessoriesWax Heaters, Waxes and Waxing Accessories

Wax on! Get fuzz-free with the most affordable wax on the market. Whether you have sensitive skin and fine hair (ideal for BeautyPRO Crème Tea Tree Strip Wax) or like an economical wax for all skin types (turn to Crème Strip Wax), BeautyPRO has a wax to suit your hair removal needs. Top up your wax heater anytime with BeautyPRO’s selection of segmented hard waxes. Supersize the best-selling BeautyPRO wax with 800g cans. Microwaveable wax kits are convenient and a breeze to use. BeautyPRO offers a range of super compact wax heaters, from single heaters to double to triple, from 115cc to 1000cc, to save you space and time. BeautyPRO also has a number of waxing accessories, including waxing table paper, spatula wax applicators, heater inserts and protective collars for your wax heater.  For the complete waxing experience, BeautyPRO is the professional choice!

Makeup Brushes and SpongesMakeup Brushes and Sponges

Makeup’s best friend! BeautyPRO has a selection of professional cosmetic brushes and sponges for a flawless, radiant face. Reveal radiant skin with BeautyPRO cleansing and exfoliating sponges then blend your way to perfection with BeautyPRO cosmetic sponges, including non-latex sponges for allergies, and then apply powder with a luxurious BeautyPRO powder puff for a perfect finish. Soft and absorbent, BeautyPRO sponges are ideal for liquid, cream, powder and stick foundations to ensure accurate application. From wedges to oval contour to diamond, BeautyPRO sponges have a solution to all makeup application desires. For an extensive, affordable range of cosmetic brushes, BeautyPRO can’t be beat. Select from a 15 piece makeup brush set, 14 piece makeup brush set, 21 piece makeup artist belt or single brushes in a vast array of styles. Brushes include angular shading brushes, fan brushes, mascara brushes, lip brushes, powder brushes and eyeliner brushes. For performance, versatility and affordability, BeautyPRO has cosmetic application covered!

Implements (Tweezers, nippers)Implements (Tweezers, nippers)

Implement exceptional beauty with BeautyPRO affordable beauty implements! BeautyPRO beauty tools will have you nipping, plucking, cutting and clipping your way to professional beauty results without hurting your wallet. Get a little glamorous with the BeautyPRO Dazzle Me tweezer collection, adorned with crystals in pink, blue or white sparkling shades. Alternatively, stick with classic slant tweezers, straight edge tweezers and point tweezers for precision when plucking. Made from surgical stainless steel, all BeautyPRO tweezers feature perfectly aligned tips to remove the finest of hair. Available in ¼, ½ jaw and full jaw, BeautyPRO nippers will you have nipping with ease. Cut and remove those acrylic nails or trim cuticles and hangnails. BeautyPRO equals professional results without the cost!


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