How to: Rock the Hot Roller Look Using Hair Brushes

This is a how to guide for those of us who lack… well, coordination. If your juggling skills are a little challenged but you still love the hot roller look, stick with us. Hot rollers and radial brushes give fab volume, no doubt. What if there was a way to achieve the same result, without the burnt fingers and hair brushes hanging off your head? There is and it’s the Body Up Pro Brush System.

So, without further ado, here is our guide to easy, extreme, lasting volume with shine:

step 2_Body Up Pro Hair Brush SystemStep 1: Place Body Up Pro display tray on counter, attach handle to a brush head, remove clip then set aside. Apply desired styling product to freshly washed hair.





step 3_Body Up Pro Hair Brush SystemStep 2: Blow dry until about 90% dry.






step 5_Body Up Pro Hair Brush SystemStep 3: Pick up your Body Up Pro handle with attached brush head and run the brush through the hair from root to tip while heating with a hair dryer.


Step 4: Wrap a section of hair as wide as the brush head around the barrel and roll towards the roots. Tip: for even more volume, hold hair straight out from the head, or even higher, and roll towards scalp.



step6_Body Up Pro Hair Brush SystemStep 5: Secure with a clip and push button to release handle. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until all brush heads are in place, keeping brush head placement symmetrical.





step 7Body Up Pro Hair Brush SystemStep 6: Blow dry completely, allowing hair time to set and cool.






step 9_Body Up Pro Hair Brush SystemStep 7: Remove brush heads, doing so at the angle each brush head was rolled to the scalp.





step 10_Body Up Pro Hair Brush SystemStep 8: After removing all brush heads, bend head forward and use hair dryer set to cool to finish your look.





step 11_Body Up Pro Hair Brush SystemThat’s it! Easy peasy volume without the juggling act.

For more information about the Body Up Brush Hair System our Body Up Pro Hair Brush System… It’s as easy as pushing a button! post is here to help, or shop Body Up Pro click here.


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