The Wet Brush Has Arrived in Australia at

The Wet Brush Has Arrived in Australia at

America’s favourite detangling brush has arrived in Australia. The Wet Brush can be used in and out of the shower to effortlessly, quickly and painlessly detangle even the thickest, most stubborn hair.

The Wet Brush

The Wet Brush is the most amazing shower brush you’ll ever use. The handle is coated with rubber and non-slip, while the super soft, flexible bristles detangle with ease. No matter your hair type, curly, thick or straight. The Wet Brush even works on hair extensions and wigs to get rid of those snarls and snags easier than ever beforThe Wet Brush even works on hair extensions and wigse.

The Wet Brush is ideal for either wet or dry hair. Men, women and children; no matter who is tangled up in a knot, The Wet Brush will detangle with ease! The secret is in the Inteli-Flex bristles which are designed to be ultra thin and flexible. The flexibility of Inteli-Flex eliminates all tugging, tearing and pulling, ensuring no split ends and no damaged hair. The Inteli-Flex bristles also have rapid recovery memory to instantly bounce back to original form. The ball tips provide a massaging action and stimulate circulation at the follicle.

The Wet Brush is available in a variety of bright, fun colours, including pink, purple, blue and black. Keep The Wet Brush in the shower, or keep it close at hand. Wherever The Wet Brush is, you’ll be sure to be amazed at how effortlessly and painlessly tangles are eliminated.


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