Hairdo Human Hair Clip-In Hair Extensions

Hairdo Clip-In Hair Extensions. Not As Scary As They Look, Read Why.

Dear Hair in a Box,Hairdo Jessica Simpson Human Hair 10pc Clip-In Hair Extension

I’ll admit it: I am a hair extension newbie and you scare me. There is this box of Hairdo Human Hair Clip-In Extensions sitting on my bathroom vanity, giving me the evil eye. Well, Jessica Simpson is giving me the evil eye in a kind of pouting, sultry way. I turn the box over and hairdresser to the stars, Ken Paves is giving me the evil eye too. Ok, now I am really scared.

The Hairdo Human Hair Clip-In 10pc Extensionsbox tells me to just clip it in! Really? You’re talking to the girl who can make anything difficult. I’m the kind of person who gets salt and sugar confused when baking a cake. Ok, box, you’re on. Let’s try this. Tentatively, I reach in and touch the hair. Whoa, it feels like hair, which is probably a reasonable thing as it is hair (I’m a genius). I pull the Hairdo Human Hair Clip-In Extensions out and stare in fascination. The hair is actually gorgeous: long, lustrous and soft, in a kind of disembodied hair way. It takes some time for me to stop stroking the hair.

I section my hair and clip in the Hairdo Human Hair Clip-In Extensions. Typing that sentence took longer than clipping it in did. Box, you’re telling me the truth; it is easy, even for hair extension novices. I look in the mirror. OMG, I’m Kim Kardashian! I’m Jessica Simpson! Maybe not. Well, definitely not, but I look like me with thick, voluminous, bouncy hair. Even better, the multi-tonal Hairdo Human Hair Clip-In Extensions blend perfectly with my own hair. I feel like a night out on the town to show everyone my amazing star-quality hair, but right now I have a date with the TV and some chocolate, with frequent ad breaks to admire my fabulous Hairdo Human Hair Clip-In Extensions in the mirror. If you don’t see me tomorrow, it’s because I’m still in front of the mirror.

So, hair in a box? I apologise. You were right. I love you. It’s a little early, but will you be my Valentine?

Lots of love,

Newly converted Hairdo hair extensions devotee


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