Are Your Hair Care Products Authentic?

Are Your Hair Care Products Authentic?

There’s a bit of controversy in the beauty world lately. In case you hadn’t heard, MAC Cosmetics is suing Target Australia for selling alleged fake cosmetics. In another high profile case, Priceline recalled counterfeit Morrocanoil products. The moral of these stories is that counterfeit products are everywhere, and anyone can be caught out, even the big name companies!

Silver Bullet Black Crystal Hair StraightenerSo can you spot a fake? It’s downright difficult to spot the difference between a fake hair dryer, hair straightener, flat iron and hair care products, versus the real thing. Counterfeit websites have flooded online, and there are absolutely counterfeit retailers on the street too. Would you want to risk your safety by purchasing a fake electrical hair appliance?

Even if a product arrives via parallel importing or the grey market, the product may still be damaged, expired, tampered with and/or unsafe to use- not to mention the fact that the warranty will not be valid! Bottom line: if the offer sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Need reassurance? We at are an Australian authorized dealer and stockist of the brands we offer. We have exclusive distributor agreements. When you purchase from online you are always guaranteed of the following:

  • Purchasing directly from the Australian authorized dealer
  • Authentic hair care, hair electricals and beauty products from the authentic supplier- no fakes here!
  • Your warranty honoured
  • Easy and stress-free service
  • Careful packing and shipping of your purchase
  • Fast and efficient delivery
  • Customer service
  • Prices always at recommended retail price or less. We don’t inflate our RRPs to make our discounts look bigger!

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