Silver Bullet: Have you been searching for the Silver Bullet of hair straighteners?

Search no further as the Silver Bullet caters to every hair whim! The Silver Bullet philosophy recognizes that different hair types demand different hair solutions. Not limited merely to hair straighteners , the Silver Bullet range also encompasses hair dryers, dual voltage travel hair appliances, hair crimpers, hair combsand hair brushes. Silver Bullet is a complete, customized hair experience, reducing hair damage whilst allowing you to make the right choice for your hair type. Length, texture, color and condition are no barrier to your best hair!

Silver Bullet Keratin Accelerator Hair Straighteners from

Do you have the need for a speedy hair straightener?

Speed up your hair straightening routine with the Silver Bullet Keratin Accelerator hair straightener range. Multiple swipes over your hair are no longer needed; instead, your styling time will be cut in half with these straighteners that get the job done, quickly. The Silver Bullet Keratin Accelerator straighteners feature extra long 110mm titanium plates which glide smoothly through larger sections of hair. The adjustable temperature range runs the gamut from 140°C to 230°C, allowing the highly heat conductive titanium to quickly tame hair. Plate widths of 22mm and 35mm allow choice for the most suitable straightener for your hair length. Accelerated style!

Silver Bullet Keratin 230 Hair Straighteners from

Need a little a little extra heat from your hair straightener?

If your hair is coarse, thick or just difficult to handle, the Silver Bullet Keratin 230 is the answer to your straightening dilemmas. Even, accurate yet adjustable heat tames the most stubborn of hair types with a temperature range that extends to 230°C. 230°C is also the prerequisite number required for permanent and keratin straightening systems. The thickest and coarsest of hair is transformed effortlessly into smooth silkiness! Also available in two plate widths, 25mm and 37mm, adapting the Silver Bullet Keratin 230 to your hair length, as well as Titanium Plates and Titanium Gold Plates which just slide through any section of hair.

 Silver Bullet Chocolat and Silver Bullet Florentine hair straightening sets

Get matchy matchy with your hair straightener

The Silver Bullet Florentine hair straightening set covers the big and little of your hair needs, with their regular-sized hair straightener and free matching Mini Moods 15cm straightener. Titanium-infused plates protect the hair, whilst adjustable heat results allows for silky, soft hair. No more frizzy or lacklustre hair with the Silver Bullet Florentine! Travel anywhere, content in the knowledge that the Florentine hair straightener set has you sweetly covered with a little extra on the side!


Silver Bullet Black Crystal Hair Straightener from

Crystalline ceramic coating creating the ultimate in shine!

Six years of development have resulted in the crystalline ceramic floating plates that give Silver Bullet Black Crystal hair straightener the edge in smooth, conditioned shine. The plate surfaces generate even, high heat which minimises damage whilst maximising style. The Black Crystal technology is available in two hair straightener sizes: the sleek regular size and the mighty, travel-friendly Maxi-Mini. Enjoy the benefits of Black Crystal technology wherever you are in the world!

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