Hair FX: Self Gripping, Foam and Flexible Hair Rollers, Bobby and Fringe Pins

Hair FX is the solution to all your rolling and perming needs! Get long-lasting style with an extensive assortment of self-gripping rollers, ceramic self-gripping rollers, foam rollers, flexible rollers, bobby and fringe pins, and perm rods. For volume, curls, movement and updo hair styles, Hair FX is the quality, professional choice for hairstylists across Australia and New Zealand.

Hair FX Self Gripping, Foam and Flexible Hair Rollers available from


Any type of roller you need, Hair FX is your answer! Hair FX has an extensive range of all kinds of rollers including flexible, perm and foam rollers, and a huge range of self-gripping rollers to fulfil your every need for curls and volume. Available in an amazing array of sizes to suit your creativity, from 13 mm to 76 mm, the Hair FX self-gripping roller range is mindboggling. Hair FX also has a range of ceramic self-gripping rollers, which closes the hair cuticle to lock style in place, while creating a smoother, shinier finish. The ceramic self-gripping rollers are available in size from 21 mm to 40 mm for your smoothest curls yet. The smaller the roller, the tighter the curl while the bigger rollers create bigger than Texas volume! Each roller size is colour-coded to assist you in easily reaching for the correct size. As the rollers are self-gripping, the rollers stay put in hair without any need for roller pins or clips. Simply roll a section of dry hair, heat with a hair dryer, then let cool and remove. Long-lasting curls and volume are that easy with the Hair FX self-gripping rollers. 

Hair FX Bobby and Fringe Hair Pins from

Bobby and Fringe Hair Pins

To assist your artistic updos, Hair FX has the bobby pins and fringe pins you need! Hair FX bobby pins provide all day hold without having to fear your style will fall out. Don’t let fear hold you back, Hair FX bobby pins will hold your hairstyle firmly without pulling or damaging the hair. The undulating, ultra-grip design ensures the Hair FX bobby pins are quality built to withstand any styling demands. The smooth nylon coating and rounded rubber tips provide extra comfort and prevent hair breakage. Available in either bronze or black, Hair FX will suit your hair colour for discrete hold. Hair FX bobby pins are 2” in length, which makes them ideal for all hair lengths, as well as taming flyaways. Hair FX bobby pins come in a generous pack of 60. Hair FX also has 2” fringe pins in bronze or black, available in a pack of 100. Fringe pins are designed in a fine u-shape wave to ensure that hair stays put all day. With a smooth nylon coating creating Hair FX fringe pins respect your hair!

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