Dress Me Up: Crown Volumizers, Hair Donuts and Hair Padding to Increase Volume

Turn up the volume for any hairstyle or updo by using the tools that professional hair stylists and hairdressers use – hair padding! Dress Me Up professional hair supplies of hair donuts, crown volumizers, crown rolls, hair sausages and hair padding will give you instant fullness and effortless volume.

Hair Padding, Hair Donuts, Hair Sausages and Crown Volumizers from i-glamour

Fake it till you make it without damaging hair with excessive teasing and pins. Create the latest catwalk styles in moments with updos that are flawless and never fall flat. Lightweight, discreet and available in a multitude of sizes and colours to suit all hair types, lengths and textures, your upstyle will be perfect every time with Dress Me Up.

Dress Me Up Hair Donuts and Hair Padding from i-glamour.com

Hair Donuts
The celebrity stylist secret to a gorgeous updo! Dress Me Up Hair Donuts are the key to full and flawless buns. Dress Me Up Hair Donuts are a ring of flexible, lightweight netting which provide comfortable, long-lasting support. The traditional way to use a hair donut is by placing it around the base of your ponytail, and then wrapping your hair over it until the donut is completely covered. Of course, only your imagination is the limitation for hairstyles you can create with Dress Me Up Hair Donuts. Create super sleek upstyles which never fall flat, due to the internal support provided by a hair donut. Dress Me Up Hair Donuts are available in blonde or brown for a perfect colour match, ensuring your hair donut blends seamlessly and discreetly into your hair. Dress Me Up Hair Donuts come in small, medium, large and extra-large to suit your needs. Buns are back on the runways, so get the latest looks with a bun that won’t fall out, and is effortlessly sleek.

Dress Me Up Hair Sausages and Hair Padding from i-glamour.com

Hair Sausages
The perfectly effortless French roll! Simply choose the colour to best suit you, blonde or brown, and start creating flawless French rolls, buns or victory rolls. The Dress Me Up Hair Sausages allow you to get creative with upstyles. The Dress Me Up Hair Sausages are available in either thick or regular, both widths being lightweight so you’ll never fear for a dreaded hairstyle headache. They are easily sculpted into a range of shapes courtesy of an elastic cord which enables easy manipulation. Dress Me Up Thick Hair Sausages are available in sizes 12 cm or 13 cm, for extra oomph in creating thicker and fuller looking results. Dress Me Up Regular Hair Sausages include sizes 12.5 cm, 19 cm and 21 cm. Both sizes of the Dress Me Up Hair Sausages will support your hairstyle internally, ensuring hair never falls flat.

Dress Me Up Crown Volumizers and Hair Padding from i-glamour.com

Crown Volumizers
The crowning glory! Take any hairstyle to new heights with Dress Me Up Crown Volumizers. Made from super lightweight material, you’ll hardly feel it’s there, but you’ll see the glamorous difference. Dress Me Up Crown Volumizers are self-gripping caps which adhere instantly to hair to build volume in the crown area. No more damaging teasing or pins required with crown volumizers that create natural looking volume. Dress Me Up Crown Volumizers are available in a pack of 3 crown volumisers in varying sizes. Select the size you desire for your creative updo, or stack them upon each other to amp up the volume big time! To use a Dress Me Up Crown Volumizer, brush a section of hair forward, then simply slip the volumiser in place and style hair over the top for a flawlessly volumised hairstyle. Dress Me Up Crown Volumizers never slip, so hair won’t lose its shape over time. Dress Me Up Crown Volumizers are washable and available in 3 shades, blonde, brown and black, to seamlessly blend in with your own hair colour. Great for everyday or special occasions, big hair is making a comeback!

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