2012 Eyebrow Predictions - Tweezerman

I love Miranda Kerr’s brows but how do I achieve the look of thicker eyebrows without being too severe?

They’re baaaaaack! Bold eyebrows are the beauty trend on runways for 2012. We love Tweezerman Slant TweezerMiranda Kerr’s perfectly full and thick eyebrows too, so we have some tips on how to achieve the same look, without accidently verging on Bert from Sesame Street eyebrows. Here’s our eyebrow advice for celebrity calibre full and thick brows:

– Tweeze brows with a slight arch. Full brows still need definition but be careful as a high arch can be harsh on thick brows. Use the tweezers recommended by celebrities and eyebrow artists alike: Tweezerman Slant Tweezer.

 – Use a brow powder one shade darker than your hair colour to fill-in brows. Short strokes give a natural look. The right shade is important, so we recommend Tweezerman Mini Brow Kit which Tweezerman Mini Brow Kit With Powderhas a dual colour powder duo to enable you to mix and match.

 – For an even more natural look and optimum fullness, try brushing eyebrows up. Hold hairs in place with an eyebrow gel, such as Tweezerman Browmousse Eyebrow Gel.

 – Use a highlighter pencil underneath the eyebrows to illuminate your eyes. Apply the highlighter pencil directly along the brow bone underneath brow hairs then blend highlighter up and outward. We love the highlighter pencil included in the Tweezerman Mini Brow Rescue Kit, which is also travel-friendly.


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