Tweezerman Tweezers seen in Harper's Bazaar Collections Mag 2012

Tweezerman seen in Harper’s Bazaar Collections

Tweezerman Betsey Johnson Tweezers seen in Harper's Bazaar Collections Mag The spring/summer edition of Harper’s Bazaar Collections features beauty trends for 2012. Natural beauty and neutral makeup set the tone for 2012, which means that strong brows are back, baby. Eyebrows are thick and full but still defined and feminine. As stated in Harper’s Bazaar Collections, eyebrows are “all about being big and bold”.

The beauty tool de jour for defined yet never over-plucked brows is the Tweezerman Betsey Johnson Designer Series Slant Tweezer. Betsey Johnson’s designs represent all that is feminine and frou frou amped up to the nth degree, so it’s only fitting that Betsey Johnson’s rock n’ roll, feminine prints partner with feminine, defined brows.

The Slant Tweezer is Tweezerman’s best-selling product. Quality really does count when it comes to tweezers as evidenced by the perfectly aligned, hand-finished tips which grab every hair with ease. The Slant Tweezer has actually been chosen as a “Best of Beauty” winner by Allure magazine editors for 10 years.


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