How to: Take Care of Hair Extensions

It’s the fastest way to long, thick hair but do you know how to take care of hair extensions? Take care of your investment with our guide to caring for hair extensions and which products best suit.

Different Types of Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are either human hair or synthetic hair. Synthetic hair has come a long way, and synthetic hair such as the Hairdo Tru2Life range can actually be heat styled. Regardless of whether you choose synthetic or human hair, hair extensions come in a large array of styles including permanent (performed by salon professionals) or DIY clip-ins.

Hairdo Clip In Hair Extensions

Whether you go full wig, one piece wefts, weft systems or pre-styled pieces, one thing we know for certain: you must take care of hair extensions.

Products for Hair Extensions

These are our product picks for caring for hair extensions:

  • DeSoto Looped Hair Brushes: A regular hair brush can pull and break hair extensions so use the professional’s secret weapon for tangles and knots on hair extensions, a looped bristle hair brush.  
  • DeMert WIG range of hair care products. Just like your hair, your hair extensions also need to be washed, conditioned and styled to keep them at their best.
  • Salon Smart Bungee Bands: Never pull on the delicate strands. The bands clip and unclip to ensure you always take care of hair extensions. Plus they’re adjustable: win! 
  • Heat styling electricals with adjustable heat: Adjustable heat is very important for heat styling synthetic hair extensions as there is a specific temperature limit. For example, Hairdo Tru2Life fibre is 160°C.

Caring for Hair Extensions

1. Sleeping with hair extensions: Yes, you need to take care of hair extensions even while you’re sleeping. Never go to bed with damp hair. It always helps to sleep with hair in a loose bun to avoid night time tangles.

2. Washing hair extensions: Ensure all knots are removed before washing. Mild shampoo is best for caring for your hair extensions. Rinse with tepid water only. Conditioner is especially important for the ends of your hair, but try to avoid conditioning your root area more than once a week.

3. Brushing your hair extensions: The cardinal rule of caring for hair extensions is to never brush your wet hair extensions. If you must, use a wide tooth comb to gentle diffuse tangles. A looped extension brush is a must for dry hair.

4. Swimming with hair extensions: We highly recommend a swimming cap to take care of your hair extensions in chlorinated or sea water. However, if that’s not your thing, a tight pony tail is second best.

Do you have any tips on how to take care of hair extensions? We’d love to hear them! Leave us a reply below or connect with us via Facebook or Twitter.


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