How to: Hide Regrowth with 4 Super Easy Tricks

Got something to hide? Never fear, we’ve found this great video with simple tricks to hiding that regrowth!

This video is from BellaSugarTV and is incredibly easy to follow. So if you colour or highlight your hair, join BellaSugarTV as they fill you in on how to always look like your colour has been freshly done.

You’ll need:

Ok, ready? Let’s do it:

Trick #1: Change your hair part. Sounds simple and it is. Hairdressers often highlight along your part line. For instance, if your hair is usually parted along the side, brush your hair to a middle part. Additionally, use a zig zag part.

Trick #2: Baby powder helps hide regrowth on blondes. The baby powder lightens the colour at your roots, but be careful not to go overboard.

Trick #3: Use a hair mascara wand. Again, don’t overdo it! Lightly dab the hair mascara where needed and blend with brush.

Trick #4: For those who have single process hair colour, try putting your hair in a top knot. This makes the top knot the focal point rather than your roots. Use hairspray to create a wet look. Then take a teasing brush and smooth your hair out, pushing towards the knot.

Super easy thanks to BellaSugarTV!

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