How To: Create a Full Topknot in 4 Easy Steps

Don’t let fine hair hold your topknot back. We’ve got four easy steps to a full topknot! Hair donuts are how the professionals fake fuller hair, and our exclusive step by step video shows you how.

For this video, you’ll need:

Let’s get started:

Step #1: Create a ponytail and secure with your hair elastic. The higher the ponytail, the better!

Step #2: Take your hair donut and slide it into position over your ponytail. Pin hair donut into place using your bobby pins.

Step #3: Gently tease your ponytail with the tail comb. Skip this step if you have thicker hair.

Step #4: Time to cover the hair donut. Using the cushion brush to assist you, take a section of your ponytail and arrange over the hair donut. Pin section in place with bobby pin. Repeat until hair donut is completely hidden. Set with hairspray.

Hair Padding, Hair Donuts, Hair Sausages and Crown Volumizers from i-glamour

And there you have it: a full topknot! Are you a top knot fan? Share your opinions and pictures of top knots with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest. We’d love to hear from you! on Twitter on Facebook on You Tube on Pinterest BLOG on Instagram
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