How to: Care for Grey and White Hair

Listen up, silver haired ladies, you haven’t been forgotten at! Instead, we’re dedicating a blog post to greying hair, grey hair and white hair. Just because you’re a silver fox, doesn’t mean your hair doesn’t deserve dedicated attention. So we’ve compiled the best products and hair care for your grey hair.

Why is My Hair Going Grey?

Your pigmentation and melanin has gone AWOL. It can happen at any age, even as young as 10 and our genes are the culprit. Melanin gradually disappears as we age, usually from our 20s for both men and women. By age 40, most people have at least some gray or white hair.

Irene Gari Cover Your Gray and Daggett & Ramsdell Colour Stick Applicators

I Need a Quick Fix!

If you’re not the kind to accept greying hair gracefully, we recommend temporary hair colour for a quick fix. Products such as Irene Gari Cover Your Grey Applicators and Daggett & Ramsdell Colour Sticks are a nifty quick fix for gray hair.These products instantly hide white and grey hair appearing along your part and hair line, which is handy for between salon visits.

Something More Permanent?

We think grey and white hair is beautiful, so we’re not going to enter into a discussion as to dyeing grey hair versus leaving it au naturel. One thing we would emphasise though is the need to see a colour expert at a salon if you are thinking about dyeing. Grey hair can be tricky to dye, and you need to be in expert hands. Although you may wish to dye your hair back to its natural colour, chances are that your hair colour will need to be lightened so as to avoid the battle of the grey hair roots.

Provoke Touch of Silver and One 'n Only Ultra Shiny Silver Hair Care

Hair Care for Greying Hair

We have two targeted ranges available at including Provoke Touch of Silver and One ‘n Only Ultra Shiny Silver. Our product picks:

Styling Products for Grey and White Hair

Do you have grey hair and white hair tips?

We’d love to hear how you care for your greying hair so drop us a line below or connect with us via facebook or twitter!


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