How to: 7 Ponytail Hair Style Ideas for the Festive Season

This BellaSugarTV video was recently uploaded and what perfect timing! With the festive season fast bearing down upon us, our party hairstyles needed a little inspiration. You can’t go wrong with the perennially classic ponytail this festive season, no matter your hair skill level, so Bella Sugar has 7 fabulous ponytail ideas to get you in the party mood.

You’ll need:

Ladies, start your ponytails!


Look #1: The middle part mixes things up a little. Simply part your hair in the middle with a comb, then slick back and secure with a hair elastic.

Look #2: Be a wrap star. Pull hair in a high ponytail, leaving fringe aside. Secure fringe with a bobby pin. Wrap a piece of ponytail hair around the hair elastic and pin it to completely hide the elastic. That’s it!

Look #3: Our favourite festive look: the braid. Put hair in a high ponytail, leaving a section at the front. Take this front section and simply plait. Run plait along the side of your head and secure with bobby pin.

Look #4: Bouffant baby. Part hair into 3 sections. Take your teasing brush and backcomb the middle third section. Secure backcombed section with a bobby pin. Pull into a ponytail.

Look #5: Embellished side pony. Again, take your teasing brush and lightly tease the crown of your head. Secure a low, side pony with a hair elastic, then add embellished hair accessory.

Look #6: Sectioned ponytail. Starting with the front, form a half ponytail. Secure with a hair elastic and repeat two more times. Easy!

Look #7: The fold. Lightly backcomb for added hair volume, then secure in a low ponytail. Using your thumb, poke ponytail through the hair, close to the elastic. Pull ponytail through.

Are you in the festive mood yet?

Thank you to Bella Sugar for sharing these fabulous ponytail ideas! Do you have more ponytail ideas? If so, let us know as we’d love to hear from you. Or if you’d like to hear more from i-glamour, connect with us via Facebook or Twitter.

Happy upstyling! 


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