Solving Next Day Hair: Oily roots, dry ends, frizz and more

We all have a next hair day gripe. That one niggling thing which spoils your hairdo and tempts you to jump back in the shower and start from scratch all over again. Well, stop (collaborate and listen – oops, sorry we were having a Vanilla Ice moment there) and please read this post. Promise it won’t take too long! We’ve tried to solve a few next day hair gripes with some simple, fast and easy products. We want to help save time (and sanity) in the mornings by averting next day hair disasters with the following advice:

Oily Roots
Next Day Hair Gripe Buster: Dry Shampoo
Yep, oily roots- I can hear the groans from here. Dry shampoo is an absolute miracle for oily roots. All you need to do is apply generously to roots, brush through hair and bam! Excess oil removed.

Dry Ends
Dry Ends Next Day Hair Gripe Buster
: Leave-In Conditioner
Thank goodness for leave-in conditioner. It’s the moisture your next day parched hair needs without the whole hullabaloo of a traditional conditioner. Dry ends rejoice!

Frizzy Ends
Next Day Hair Gripe Buster: Hair Oil
Eeek, nothing ruins a ‘do faster than the frizzies. Fight your frizz into submission with a hair oil. Nothing like a little smoothing and shining action to make your hair feel a million bucks.

There’s No Shine
Next Day Hair Gripe Buster: Shine Spray
Dull hair happens to all of us, particularly blondes. Restore your shining glory with a shine spray. Never heavy or greasy, a shine spray is a light spritz for a lot of gloss.

Vanished Volume – Crown
Next Day Hair Gripe Buster: Root or Mini Crimpers
Falling flat at the crown? You need a crimper to boost your volume back up. Simply take a section of hair at the crown, and crimp close to the roots. Cover with hair and set with hairspray. Voila! Instant volume with no damaging backcombing.

Vanished Volume – Mid-length to Ends
Next Day Hair Gripe Buster: Conical Curling Irons
Or are you falling flat at the ends? Add movement and waves by taking a conical curling iron and twisting hair sections around the barrel. Always rotate the barrel in the same direction. Spritz with hairspray. Hello movement!

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