Pedicure Foot Files: the What, the Why and the How

Nurse, pedicure foot file, please. Ever felt like entering the world of home pedicure is a bit like entering a foreign world of surgical instruments and operating tables? [Wait… I’m having a George Clooney in the early days of ER moment here.]

Pedicure foot files sure can look scary, but the advantages of DIY pedicures (any time, any place) are more than just monetary. There’s no need to fear germs and bacteria since you’re the only client in your at home salon. Don’t be afraid to take your own pedicure tools and implements to be used at a professional pedicure appointment, either- we do!

Footsies at the ready? Here are the best types of pedicure foot files:

Credo Pop Art Duo Soft Foot File, Pink from i-glamour

Getting Started
What: Foot file or stone
Why: The smooth feet essential. This extremely cost effective basic usually has a handle and two sides with what looks like sandpaper. When the surface wears down, buy a new one.
How: Soak feet first then towel dry. Slough off any rough skin with the file in a back and forth motion, concentrating on your heels and any rough areas. Use the rougher side first then smooth with the finer side.

Credo Pop Art Ceramic Rasp, Green from i-glamour

Regular Maintenance
What: Ceramic pedicure stone
Why: Slightly more expensive than a regular foot file, however, the ceramic pedicure stone will last you a long time as it is extremely hard wearing, easily cleaned and able to be disinfected.
How: Same process as the foot file. Being a ceramic stone, it’s perfect to keep in the shower and use every few days.

Credo Pop Art Callus Rasp, Blue from i-glamour

Serious Help
What: Pedicure or foot rasp
Why: Now we’re onto the heavy duty tools. Ideal for calluses and really tough, rough skin. The foot rasp has a metal file with one side slightly coarser than the other.
How: After soaking feet and drying, use the rough side first with a back and forth motion to smooth calluses and tough skin. Follow with a regular foot file or ceramic stone to really smooth and buff the skin to perfection.

Credo Pop Art Callus Shaver, Orange from i-glamour

Expert Tool
What: Callus shaver or corn planer
Why: A serious tool for those who have experience in the pedicure arena. This tool lightly shaves off a layer of skin in callused areas. The protective guard allows for only the thinnest of layers to be taken off.
How: Used in place of, or in addition to, a metal rasp on heavily callused, rough skin.

For our complete selection of foot tools, files and callus removers shop our i-glamour Pedicure Tools section.

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