What is the best hair dryer? Parlux, and here is another reason why.

What is the best hair dryer? Well most people only need to try a Parlux hair dryer once to become hooked. And by hooked we mean hooked for life! There’s no going back! No hair dryer will ever be as good as Parlux.

Parlux 3800 Ceramic and Ionic Hair Dryer

Due to this overwhelming love and devotion, many Parlux fans know the ins and outs of why ceramic and ionic technology gets results, what wattage means, and the difference between a diffuser attachment and a concentrator nozzle attachment. But we here at i-glamour HQ think we’ve found a Parlux fun fact that not even the most die-hard Parlux fan would know…

Every model of Parlux hair dryer has to take on The Mechanical Hairdresser. Each dryer not only has to take on The Mechanical Hairdresser and win, but win multiple times.

Did you just say The Mechanical Hairdresser? We sure did!

All Parlux dryers are subject to rigorous experimentation before they go into production. One of these tests, in use for the last ten years, is called The Mechanical Hairdresser. Yee-haa!

The Mechanical Hairdresser is a mechanical arm on which a Parlux hair dryer is mounted and made to work non-stop, simulating the routine and everyday work of a hairdresser, so any mechanical, electronic or electrical faults may be noted and resolved. Ride ‘em, cowboy!

The Mechanical Hairdresser from Parlux

The Mechanical Hairdresser and the many other tests Parlux utilise ensure the production of the highest quality, longest lasting professional hair dryers we know, expect, and love from Parlux. The Mechanical Hairdresser is yet another reason why Parlux is the No.1 professional hair dryer brand worldwide.

To check out the full herd of award-winning Parlux hair dryers, head to the i-glamour shop here. Head ‘em up, move ‘em out!


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