What is Keratin? The complete lowdown from i-glamour.com

What is Keratin?

Keratin, keratin, keratin. Is it just me or is the word keratin everywhere these days? We know the hairdressing industry loves a trend, but we’ve got the lowdown on why keratin in hair care is here to stay.

What is Keratin?
Keratin is a naturally occurring protein in the hair. In fact, it is the main ingredient of hair. Whilst highly durable, keratin is nevertheless damaged through chemical and thermal hair processes. Signs of lost and damaged keratin include frizz, dullness and breakage.

What is Keratin? The complete lowdown from i-glamour.com

How is Added Keratin Beneficial for Hair?
By replenishing hair’s keratin which is lost and damaged during chemical, thermal and colour processes, products with added keratin strengthen and repair. Keratin bonds to the hair surface, penetrating the cuticle where it improves hair texture and condition. Keratin also fortifies hair against further structural damage. Keratin restores shine, smoothness and moisture.

The Birth of Keratin in Hair Care
It all began with salon keratin treatments several years ago. Since then, keratin has taken hold of the home care market. Originally keratin products for home were intended as maintenance for salon keratin treatments, but hair care companies quickly realised keratin was beneficial for many hair types and not just those who have had salon keratin treatments.

Hair Types Best Suited to Keratin Hair Care
Keratin hair care is best for those with curly, wavy, thick, coarse, unmanageable, chemically treated, damaged or dry hair. Keratin hair care is also a must have for those who have had salon keratin treatments and wish to maintain the longevity of the treatment.

Keratin Complex Hair Care Collection

What Are the Different Hair Care Options Available?
There’s a whole raft of keratin hair care options available! It’s really a matter of discovering what best suits your hair care routine. Shampoos and conditioners with added keratin are an easy entry point into the world of keratin, such as Keratin Complex Care Shampoo. Leave-in conditioners such as Brazilian Tech Keratin Leave-In Treatment and treatment masks such as Brazilian Tech Keratin Smoothing Treatment are great for a weekly dose of keratin. For those who use styling products frequently, try smoothing aids such as Brazilian Tech Keratin Smoothing Hair Lotion or volume enhancers such as Keratin Complex Lift Off Root Amplifying Hair Styling Gel. Also available are colour enhancers such as the new Keratin Complex Blondeshell range.

What about Keratin for Curly and Wavy Hair?
Textured hair loves keratin which is why Brazilian Tech Keratin launched in Australia a new hair care range called Kurl, for beautifully defined curls and waves. This range includes the Brazilian Tech Keratin Kurl Moisturising Shampoo, Conditioner, Deep Conditioning Treatment, Texture Control Mousse and Texture Control Glaze.  Each product contains hydrolyzed keratin, protects and nourishes while creating frizz-free curls, and is ideal for chemically or colour-treated hair.

What is a Keratin Salon Smoothing Treatment? What are the Results?
Keratin salon smoothing treatments restructure the hair for up to an amazing 4 months. Curl is relaxed and frizz is smoothed, leaving hair soft and shiny yet strengthened. A keratin salon smoothing treatment is an investment in your hair, absolutely. An added bonus of keratin salon smoothing treatments is reduced styling time. A salon keratin treatment takes 2 to 3 hours.

Keratin Treatments and Coloured Hair
The best time to get a keratin treatment is prior to a hair colour service or 10 days after the colour service. Keratin can also benefit colour treated hair as it helps to seal colour into hair and maintain vibrancy longer.

No matter how you choose to use keratin, your hair will surely reap the benefits. If you still have questions about keratin email us directly at info@i-glamour.com or reply below.

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