What are the benefits of ceramic hair tools and appliances?

What are the benefits of ceramic technology?

In response to customer demands, a wealth of ceramic and ionic hair styling tools and appliances have been produced over the years. Ceramic technology is not just hype though- it is technology which delivers benefits to your hair on so many different levels. Science suggests ceramic coated hair styling tools (hair brushes and combs) and hair appliances (hair straighteners, hair dryers and curling irons) produce negative ions when either sufficient pressure or external heat is applied. Given enough negative ions, ceramic styling tools offer a number of benefits:

  • Static electricity is eliminated
  • Water droplets are fractured, speeding up the drying process
  • Moisture is infused deep into the hair shaft improving elasticity
  • The cuticle layer is closed, sealing in moisture and creating a sleek, shiny result
  • Humidity is locked out which helps prevent frizziness

Hair Shaft Images - closed, open and damaged hair

Ceramic and ionic technologies are most effective when used in combination, i.e. a ceramic coated hair brush with a ceramic and ionic hair dryer. This intensifies the benefits to create superior styling results! However, ceramic isn’t the only material that produces negative ions. Tourmaline, a semiprecious crystal, also naturally emits negative ions when heated. So no matter what material you opt for, you are bound to see a difference in your hair by switching to high quality professional hair tools and appliances with ceramic, tourmaline or ionic properties.

What are the benefits of ceramic hair tools and appliances?

For brands which heavily feature these technologies, check out Brushworx, Parlux and Silver Bullet. If you would like a personal recommendation specifically for your hair type and condition please reply below.

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