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What is Macadamia Natural Oil and how is it different from regular macadamia nut oil?

Macadamia nut oil is a highly beneficial oil expressed from the macadamia nut meat of the macadamia tree. It has been found to be highly beneficial for hair, scalp, skin and general health.

Macadamia Natural Oil is a luxury brand of hair care products for the professional beauty industry. The brand blends two of the world’s most precious oils, Macadamia Nut Oil and Argan Seed Oil, and beneficial silicones to create lightweight, highly absorbent exceptionally restorative products.

Macadamia Natural Oil Hair Care Collection

How does the Luxurious Oil Treatment reduce drying time by up to 50%?

As you know, oil and water separate – so when the oil is absorbed into the hair it basically pushes water trapped under the cuticle out and allows it to dry faster. The heat from your hair dryer reduces the viscosity and enhances penetration even further. Drying time can be reduced upwards of 40-50% due to this effect, which not only saves you time but also minimizes exposure to heat-related hair damage.

Does Macadamia Natural Oil test on animals?

No, Macadamia Natural Oil does not test any of its products on animals. We are a cruelty-free line of products across the board.

Are the Luxurious Oil Treatment and Oil Spray Alcohol-Free?

Yes, the amazing Luxurious Oil Treatment is indeed alcohol-free, as well as the Luxurious Oil Spray.

Why is Macadamia Natural Oil different from all the other ‘hair oils’?

Macadamia Natural Oil is extremely lightweight and highly absorbent. The oil’s unique composition is remarkably similar to our body’s own natural oil. It also has an extremely high concentration of Omega 7 acid, which is our body’s own natural moisturiser. These two factors enable Macadamia Natural Oil to promote healthy hair growth, not just healthy hair maintenance.

Is Macadamia Natural Oil ‘all natural’?

The Macadamia Natural Oil hair products contain many natural ingredients, even above and beyond our featured Macadamia and Argan oils. However, for maximum performance we have determined that our products need also contain ingredients that do not fall under the “natural” definition in order to achieve enhanced benefits as well as to sustain the oil, maintain a competitive shelf life and allow the Macadamia and Argan oils to remain blended and not separate.

Macadamia is a nut, so what about people with nut allergies and allergic reactions?

Contrary to common belief, the Macadamia “nut” is actually a seed, not a nut at all. It belongs to the Proteaceae family, which are classified separately from most other tree nuts and from peanuts. Allergens are less common than in other tree nuts or peanuts. The oil from the Macadamia “nut” may cause a reaction the select few people with Macadamia-specific sensitisations, but even then it depends on the method of processing. The 17.4 dDa protein which is the primary allergen is only present in raw and roasted extracts.

Macadamia Natural Oil have done extensive allergy testing and the conclusion, based on this and the fact that there have been zero reports of any incidents, is that the Macadamia Natural Oil products do not cause allergic reactions even in those suffering from nut allergies. Macadamia Natural Oil do recommend, however, for those people who have nut allergies, to err on the side of caution and rub a small amount of the Luxurious Oil Treatment on the skin to test.

Is Macadamia Natural Oil better than all of the other “hair oils” on the market?

Macadamia Natural Oil is an outstanding product in every way. Since the consumer and stylist purchase products based on performance and personal preference, this question can only be answered by them.

Can Macadamia Luxurious Oil Treatment be used on the body as skin care?

While Macadamia Oil has been used in cosmetics for centuries, Macadamia Natural Oil doesn’t encourage using its Luxurious Oil Treatment for skin care, as it is specifically formulated for optimal performance as a hair care product.


Are the Macadamia Natural Oil products pH Balanced?

The Luxurious Oil Treatment and Deep Repair Masque have a pH of 5 making them ideally balanced for your hair and skin’s natural pH. The Rejuvenating Shampoo and Leave-In Cream have an appropriate 6.5 pH.

Do Macadamia Natural Oil hair care products contain any silicones?

Silicones have been given quite the bad rap recently by those who overgeneralize, claiming negative effects such as build up, drying and hair “suffocation”.

As one might expect, it’s not quite as cut and dry as rumour would imply. You cannot realistically argue that ALL silicones are bad for your hair, or even your skin for that matter; there are a large variety of types as well as levels of quality that make it very difficult to prejudge a product just because a “cone” is in the ingredient list.

In general, silicones serve many positive functions in hair care: reducing moisture loss, humidity-proofing, cuticle sealing and protection, detangling, and shine enhancement. Some silicones are heavy and thick, some are quite water soluble and quickly evaporate; moreover, they can also be used in combination with each other and other ingredients to achieve a multitude of desirable effects.

One of the things that make Macadamia Natural Oil hair products stand apart is the customised blend of uncommonly high quality silicones. These premium ingredients, when combined with other signature components, play an important role in producing the incredible results that Macadamia Natural Oil products are known for: unprecedented softness, shine, manageability and protection with no greasiness or build-up. Words really don’t do justice though; you’ll need to experience the results first-hand to truly appreciate what these products do for the health and benefit of your hair, silicones and all.


Is the Luxurious Oil Treatment and Oil Spray safe to use on hair extensions?

What you need to be careful of is applying any products with a silicone base to the bonds of the extension. This will loosen how the extension is attached and they will detach. If the Luxurious Oil Treatment or Oil Spray is applied away from the bonds it is ok.

If we haven’t answered the specific Macdamia Natural Oil question you are after just leave as a reply below and we’ll get back to you asap. We’re here to help!

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