Why boar bristle hair brushes are not all that!

We have a zillion and one hair brushes at i-glamour HQ; I’ve tested hundreds. So you can image my surprise when I picked up the Brushworx Tourmaline Porcupine Cushion Brush this afternoon (for a quick dry shampoo application) and I found myself thinking, “Wow… that is truly an awesome brush! Why haven’t I used this before?”

Brushworx Tourmaline Porcupine Oval Cushion Hair Brush - buy online from i-glamour.com

Part of the Brushworx Tourmaline Hair Brush range available from i-glamour


So what is the difference?

As I discovered: the bristles! This particular brush has a porcupine bristle combination.  What’s that? Well, each tuft contains boar bristle (the bristle type that every beauty editor and hairdresser in Australia bangs on about!!!) as well as a single, longer nylon bristle.

Porcupine and Boar Bristle Cushion Hair Brushes - buy online from i-glamour.com

So why is this so different from a plain boar bristle brush?

I’d tried boar bristle cushion brushes before but always came away with ho-hum results. When I brushed my hair, it felt like I was just moving the hair around and not getting right to my scalp. The addition of the nylon bristle helped the beautiful boar bristles penetrate deeper into my hair, delivering faster and better brushing. Basically, it’s boar bristle on hyper charge!

Is porcupine bristle only available on this one brush?

The good news is that porcupine bristle is available on a whole range of cushion and round brushes. Give a porcupine cushion brush a go, seeing that this mac-daddy-of-them-all bristle combination ticks all of the following boxes…

Boar Bristle Advantages

  • Brushes out dry shampoo – tick
  • Adds shine by distributing your scalp’s natural sebum down the hair shaft
  • Smooths down the hair cuticle  – tick
  • Helps remove product build up and scalp flakes – tick
  • Massages the scalp – tick

Nylon Bristle Advantages

  • Use as a brushing brush before shampooing – tick
  • Easily removes knots and tangles  – tick
  • Helps boar bristles to penetrate deeper in hair when brushing – tick

Boar and Nylon Bristle (Porcupine) Advantages

  • Use to blow-dry wet or damp hair to quickly remove moisture and smooth the cuticle  – tick
  • Works brilliantly on fine hair and thick coarse hair equally  – tick
  • Ideal for brushing hair into any updo such as a ponytail  – tick

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