i-Glamour Says a Huge Thank You

Today’s our last day before we shut up shop for Xmas and New Year. All i-glamour staffers will be back hard at it from the 2nd of January 2013 to fulfil your orders and answer your enquiries. It’s been an amazing 2012 and we just wanted to give a few shout outs of appreciation!

Thank you to all the i-glamour warehouse staff who have picked and packed oh so many orders and tried their hardest to get those orders out on time.

Thank you to everyone in the i-glamour customer service team who have processed oodles of orders, answered zillions of email enquiries, and helped many i-glamour customers during many, many phone calls.

Thank you to the i-glamour media, writing and graphics team who have sent out oodles of newsletters, created awesome blog posts, chatted away on Facebook and Twitter, pinned and clicked on Pinterest and Instagram, and made i-glamour look oh so pretty in 2012.

Thank you to all our i-glamour IT peeps who enable the i-glamour site to run, run well and run fast!

But most of all thank you to all our i-glamour customers who have been so lovely. We hope we’ve helped solve a few hair and beauty dilemmas for you along the way. Thank you for your kind comments on social media, your thank you emails, product reviews, repins and retweets. We really appreciate your interaction.

So be safe this Christmas and NY break, have a rockin’ one and we hope Santa delivers some really awesome i-glamour presents to you!

As always, happy shopping,
The i-glamour head honchos

i-Glamour Says a Huge Thank You Presents


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