All in one: shine, detangle and blow dry! Introducing The Shine Brush by The Wet Brush

All in one: shine, detangle and blow dry! The Shine Brush

The Shine Brush is the latest addition to The Wet Brush family. The Wet Brush is renowned as America’s favourite detangling brush, and now The Shine Brush takes detangling to the next level. It’s the first detangling brush designed to be used with a hair dryer! Get the best of both worlds with The Shine Brush: add shine and detangle at the same time.

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Brushes natural oils from your scalp through the hair to add lustre and shine.

The Shine Brush is the ultimate in detangling and adding lustrous shine to the hair. The Shine Brush features the perfect blend of specially formulated Intelliflex bristles and premium grade boar bristle. Intelliflex takes care of the tangles, while the boar bristle takes care of the shine by spreading the natural oils from the scalp along the entire hair shaft resulting in smoother, softer and more manageable hair.

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IntelliFlex™ bristles are thin, strong and very flexible.

The Shine Brush is great for thick, curly or straight hair at any length, and hair extensions. The Shine Brush is also perfect for men, women and children alike. Whether you use The Shine Brush, to blow dry, to brush dry shampoo through your hair, or use The Shine Brush on your little one’s tangles and snarls, The Shine Brush is the best way to detangle without breakage, snagging or pulling. Painless, super easy detangling and blow drying which adds shine to the hair! The Shine Brush is available in a variety of fun colours including green, purple, pink and black.

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