How To: Volumised Hair Without Backcombing or Teasing

Go big or go home! We show you how with our exclusive i-glamour step by step video. Here’s how to get lasting volumized hair without damaging backcombing or teasing.

For this video, you’ll need:

Let’s do it!

Step #1: Blow dry your hair into your desired style.

Step #2: Take the top, crown section of your hair and use your section clip to keep this hair neatly out of the way. This top section will hide any evidence of crimping when your styling is complete.

Step #3: Next take a side section of hair. Take as much or as little hair as you like, depending on how much volume you desire. More hair = more volume. Less hair = less volume.

Silver Bullet Nano Ceramic Root Volumizer Hair Crimper

Step #4: Divide your side section, taking a smaller piece of hair. Place the Silver Bullet Nano Ceramic Root Volumizer Hair Crimper at the roots and hold in place for a few moments. Release, and then crimp once again. Repeat until section is complete.

Step #5: Repeat step #4 on the other side until you are happy with the volume.

Step #6: Release top section and style. Set with hairspray.

Silver Bullet Nano Ceramic Root Volumizer Hair Crimper

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